What exactly is ‘Curb Appeal’?

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If you are planning on putting your home on the market, or your home is already listed, curb appeal is vital to selling your home.

It is hard to be completely objective about our own home so try my next step. Drive down your street and pretend you are a buyer looking for a home for sale. How does your home look? I can tell you from years of experience, if a home is neat and tidy on the outside, it will be the same on the inside. Rarely do I show a house that is not well-kept on the outside and upon entering the front door, I am wowed by how orderly and clean the sellers have presented their home.

When I first drive up to a house with buyers, they are already deciding if they like the house from the exterior. If you are really honest, you know what I am talking about. Certain houses in a neighborhood really stand out as homes that seem to ‘invite you in’ from the exterior. You naturally want to go inside and see the interior of the home. They simply ooze with charm.

The really great thing is ‘Curb Appeal’ is something all homes are capable of having. You can create your own home’s curb appeal without spending a fortune. It is so much easier during the spring and summer seasons when everything is green and so many different types of annuals and perennials are available.

Curb appeal is adding character and interest to the front of your home. It does not need to cost a lot but there are some basics necessary to create it. Landscaping that is well-trimmed, beds edged, mulched and weeds removed are the very basics. Adding planters strategically placed are a big plus but be sure to remove dead flowers to keep planters looking great. If you are going to be gone for a few days and there is no rain predicted, get a friend or neighbor to water.

Replace rusted house numbers with new ones or add an address plaque in your yard. They typically cost about $70-$100. If you have a bench in your yard, brighten it up with a coordinating color with the exterior of your home. Add some colorful, water-resistant pillows to add charm. If you have a big front porch, add some rocking chairs with colorful pillows. Add a pitcher of lemonade and some plastic glasses with a “Welcome to our Home’ invite  by the pitcher.

Paint is not expensive and can create a lot of curb appeal as well. Ask Sherwin Williams or check out the web for coordinating paint colors for the exterior of a home. If your hardware on the front floor is tarnished, polish it or replace it. The same goes for outside light fixtures. They should not be tarnished and the glass should be clean.

Trust me, curb appeal is important!

Email me with your ideas to create curb appeal!


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